Apple Discontinued iPhone 6, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus In India

According to the recent reports, Apple is changing its strategy for the Indian customers and they have decided iPhone 6s to discontinued and pull out the old iPhones which were available at the lowest prices previously. The older phones like iPhone 6 series iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, will be phased out of the Indian market. The idea behind this decision is to sell the latest version of the iPhone at the best prices which have been assembled in India. iPhone 6s India discontinuation is a Part of Apple Marketing Strategy.


Apple iPhone 6 series Pluged Off In Indian Market

It is expected that the latest iPhone version in the Indian market will go up by Rs 8000. Apple has recently reviewed the financial performance in the last year of March 2019. The company feels that the Indian market has the capacity to absorb higher prices.

According to the reports from The Economic Times, Apple has decided to pull the plug off from the production of iPhone 6s & some older models. The models that will soon end as per the Apple strategy are 2016’s iPhone SE, 2014’s iPhone 6, and 2015’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And the cheaper iPhone model which Indians can buy now is iPhone 7 for Rs40,000. iPhone 7 is being manufactured in India by Wistron and it will be exported to Europe and will also be available in the domestic market.

Moreover, the iPhone 6 series is not having iOS 13 as well and it has been on sale in India for a very long time. Before that Apple has also put out the iPhone SE from India a few months ago in an attempt to shift users to the higher model.

However, iPhone 6s are still available on Amazon and these may be the remaining surplus handsets that Apple had unable to sell. It was the only iPhone with a 3.5mm headphone jack along with 3D Touch.

Reason For Apple iPhone Discontinuation

The primary aim of this decision is that Apple wants to earn higher profits from its latest models. Apple’s new strategy will not hit at high volume and low prices. It will be reasonable prices and reasonable volumes.

Apple has much needed this move to change the strategy in India, where Android rivals are launching in a great number. OnePlus is available at affordable prices with its OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro in the competitive Indian market. Moreover, Samsung is also a leading brand with its premium collection on sale to ensure the attraction of more customers.Finally iPhone 6 discontinued from Indian Market, let see how consumers will react to this plan by Apple.


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