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The rumors building up for the new Apple Air pod 3 Pro have turned into reality. And this was the fastest launching to shipping service which Apple displayed. The Apple Air pod 3 Pro is launched with a price $49 more than the usual air pods which were introduced earlier. The Airpod 3 Pro has a unique feature of noise cancellation, and it supports an anti-noise microphone.


The audio in the Apple Airpods 3 is quite the latest. The active noise cancellation mode enables the anti-noise microphone and shuts off the outer microphone. So whether you are on the streets with lots of traffic around or working with the music on, your anti-noise microphone comforts you and ignore the noise from the outer world. The alternate is the transparency mode, which enables the user to be updated with the outer world and you can hear the sounds around you. Also, the Apple air pods 3 pro contains the Adaptive EQ technology in which the sound and music signals are 200 times checked by the air pods. It delivers better and clearer quality of sound suitable for your ears, which is deeper and more impressive.


Various sensors are accessible in Apple air pods 3 which empower the air pods more and is making them more striking than the usual. The air pod 3 pro comprises of an inward-facing microphone. Also, it has dual beaming microphones. It also has a speech detecting sensor which activates when you speak something while using the air pods. The thing which makes it unusual is that you can hear your voice much louder and clearer while speaking. The motion detecting sensor is also present which activates when you are moving for example when crossing the roads, walking on the streets, etc. The reason behind this is, it helps you to be aware of the surroundings.

The Apple air pods 3 pro is also sweat and water-resistant But this in no sense means that we can immerse them in water and nothing would happen to them! Sweat and water-resistant means that your sweat while working out won’t matter and you won’t have to worry about them being damaged. This is a new feature in the apple air pods 3 and it makes them worth buying. Another change in the air pods is that the long tee in the body is now smaller and the air pod fixes in the ear well.

anti-noise microphone


With the new design, Apple has changed the way how to control the air pods. There is a forced sensor placed in the body now. By touching the air pods, now we can control the air pods working.

  • To play, pause, or answer the call you have to press once.
  • If needed to skip forward while listening to the music you need to press twice.
  • To skip back to the previous one you need to press thrice.
  •  Press and hold the button to switch from active noise cancellation mode to transparency mode.

You can switch between these modes by only holding the button. You don’t always have to go to the settings and then do that. In settings, you can also turn the active noise cancellation permanently off, which in return turns off the anti-noise microphone.



The battery life of the Apple air pods 3 pro is the same as the older models. This is the con of buying apple air pods 3. There is no improvement in the battery of the air pods. The battery life is 4.5 hours listening time with a single charge. It can extend to 5 hours if active noise cancellation is not active. And 3.5 hours of call time in a single charge. The charger supported is the wireless charger and needs a charge of 24 hours.

The pros include multiple sizes of silicon tips which are available in small, medium and large. When you put the air pods in, you can test for the tips to be loose or if they fix in your ears. But, as usual, the problem exists that these air pods will last for only 2 or 3 years. Although, Apple encourages the customers that they should submit the air pods to the company, but still the change of battery is not easy in airports.

air pod 3

A hands-free Siri option is also available on Apple Airpods 3 which keeps getting better and better. This option enables you to ask questions from Siri just by saying, “Hi Siri!”. The feature also comprises of the technology that lets Siri read messages when you are listening to something. It works with the messaging app, also some third party apps also let you do this. The price of the new apple air pods is $249, which is a bit expensive. The release date was 30th october 2019. And to see, the most expensive of all the air pods to date. Apple has set in three microphones and six sensors in these small air pods with an improved sound quality.

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