Apple Acquired Self-Driving Vehicle Startup

Apple has recently confirmed that it is going to acquire a self-driving vehicle startup, a company named days before it would have ended. This self-driving vehicle startup has a value of $200 million which was about to close down and laying its staff. But Apple has later confirmed that it is now acquiring this struggling startup. came into existence in 2015 by machine learning researchers from Stanford University. Since then it had been running a ride-hailing service with shuttles in Taxes. If it would have continued, dozens of the engineers would have joined the Project Titan. proved to be an efficient autonomous car facility and made its name through deep learning and recognition years ago. However, last year, it made headlines by conducting fixed-route tests through its vehicle without human safety drivers on public roads.

Self-Driving Vehicle Startup Features:

A vehicle which is startup fleet with an orange highlighter is a modified Nissan NV200s. It has a wavy blue stripe with a written tag “Self-Driving Vehicle” on its side. Moreover, it comprises of four LEDs with one on the hood, two above each of the tires. While the last LED on the rear to display messages for the pedestrians and for those who are in the vicinity of the car.

The screen displays a message for the pedestrians from the vehicle which includes messages like waiting, entering, exiting and going. Startup Survival Struggle:

It is not enough for an organization to survive. A number of investors have spent billions of dollars on the autonomous startup vehicle. But many of them have pulled their timelines back and faced technical glitches and challenges. On the other hand, some experts saw this startup self-driving car years or even decades away from being fully deployed.

Although Apple has decided to acquire completely, it is not known how much this startup will survive through this deal. According to the reports, Apple has purchased the assets of the company including the autonomous cars. Axios and San Francisco Chronicles have suggested to Apple that they should hire engineers who are away from the directly and other workers may not be coming along with the ride.

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