App Store & Play Store App Spending Reaches $40 Billion

Sensor tower has published a report which shows the app spending amount during the first quarter of 2019 which is $40 billion. This amount is based on the smartphone applications being purchased both from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Results show that there is an increase in the app spending by 15% in the year 2019 in comparison to the year 2018 in the same period.

App Store & Play Store, App Spending: First Quarter 2019

The Sensor Tower report has also revealed that iOS users have spent around $25.5 billion on the App Store. Whereas, the app spending by the Android users on Google Play Store is around $14.2 billion. There is an increase of 20% in the app spending on Google Play Store in comparison to last years.

Gaming Category Record:

If we look at the gaming record presented by Sensor Tower, then it shows total app spending of around $29.6 billion and became the highest earning apps. The game which made the top of the list with earnings of $728 million is the Arena of Valor (aka Honor of Kings) from Chinese giant Tencent Games across iOS and Android.

Fate/Grand Order took the second position with $628 million revenue. While in the end Monster Strike is ranks at the third position with $566 million revenue.

Non-Gaming Category Record:

Among the non-gaming record, Tinder is ranked at the top with $497 million earnings. Netflix takes the second position with $499 million and in the end a Chinese app, Tencent Video is ranked with a revenue of $278 million.

During the first quarter of 2019, there is an 11% increase in the app downloads despite the slow install of iOS. Around 56.7 million apps were downloaded in this span. Out of which 42 billion apps belonged to Android install. In the first quarter, the download witnessed in Apple iOS through the App Store is 14.2 billion.

Most Downloaded Apps:

In both platforms of Play Store and App Store, the most downloaded apps which are ranked at first, second and third position are WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook. TikTok and Instagram grabs the fourth and fifth position.

Sensor Tower has shown results for the spending on apps as it is an accurate provider of market intelligence and insights for the global app economy.

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