Xiaomi has finally introduced an App Drawer along with the shortcuts to the MIUI as they lacked the app drawer and make users rely on the third-party launchers. Now with the latest version of, Xiaomi is here with app drawer in MIUI launcher of the alpha build.

Now users will be able to tap in the middle of the home screen in order to open an app drawer. The bar is located at the bottom and a swipe from the bottom would not open it. Swiping upside and downside will not take you to the app drawer.

Moreover, according to the screenshots which we have been provided, users will see recently used apps on the top, when they expand the app drawer. However, all the other apps will be listed below in line in alphabetic order.

You will see an arrow on the top facing downward which you can tap in order to move out from the app drawer. For now, you cannot use the swipe down option in order to exit from app drawer and you can also use the back button to collapse from the app drawer.


app drawerMIUI Launcher

Along with this new innovation, MIUI Launcher has also introduced app shortcuts. This action will be launched when you press on the app icon for a little longer. App shortcuts have been released with the Android 7.1 Nougat which will definitely help the users perform any kind of task or action directly.

MIUI Launcher is right now in its alpha stage of development and it is obvious that it will be modified with time in the future. As MIUI launcher is still at its development stage and it is not very reliable or stable. So, we do not recommend you to use it for now as it may crash during usage.

If you are still willing to download it, you can try it using the link mentioned below.

MIUI Launcher Alpha

Keep that in mind that, the launcher is only limited to the smartphones which have MIUI, unlike POCO Launcher. It means that the launcher will only be available in Xiaomi/Redmi smartphones.



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