Amir Khusro Poetry-The Hidden Mystery

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Amir Khusro is a beloved Sufi poet of the Indian subcontinent. He is among the first few poets to write in the Hindavi language. The poetry, songs, and qawwalis by Amir Khusro have literally been a part of our culture. Most of Ameer Khusro’s poetry, riddles and quotes are used as common idioms. He is the representation of a time when Dehli or the beloved Dilli was a center of culture and literature. Amir Khusro has written a number of books too. And as it goes many books have been written on him too. Amir Khusro poetry reflects poems about life and is considered the best Sufi poetry.

Amir Khusro Early years:

Father of Amir Khusro, Amir Saif Ud Din was a Turk refugee from Samarqand. He was given a fief in the state of Patiyali (Uttar Pradesh) by the Sultan. He married into a Hindu family and was blessed with four children. Sadly, he died when Amir Khusro was only 7 years old.

And thus, the children moved in with his maternal grandparents. Living within an Indian household brought Amir Khusro closer to Indian cultures and traditions.

Khusro and Khwaja Nizam Ud Din Auliya

Nizam-Ud-Din Auliya is a famous mystic of his time. Amir Khusro met him at a young age and developed a lifelong bond of love, admiration, and respect. In Amir Khusro’s later years’ poetry and quotes, we see constant references to Khawaja Nizam-Ud-Din Auliya. The poetry he wrote to praise his spiritual mentor is more beautiful than the poetry he wrote for the sultans.

The songs, riddles, and qawwalis by Amir Khusro are quoted everywhere and have played a great role in the development of language in India and Pakistan.

The Father of Qawwali

Amir Khusro blended the traditional Indian, Arabic, Persian and Turk musical traditions to create Sama or Qawwali. A new kind of spiritual music. It is still famous all around the world and most of Khusro’s poetry is still sung at the Mehfil-e-Sama held at the Sufi shrines and the mystical gatherings.

Amir Khusro Songs

Amir Khusro wrote many beautiful songs of love. The love he writes about is more spiritual. But he uses the metaphor of worldly love. The young girl’s desires, A new bride missing her parents, and a lover going crazy to meet the beloved.

Amir Khusro Poems About Life

For the longest time, Amir Khusro’s songs and Poems have been an integral part of the wedding celebrations. His poetry and Poems about life are considered to be the best in the Sufi world. Amir khusro poems about life give motivation and hope that God is there and one should be hopeful.

Kaahay ko biyaahi bides, ray, lakhi baabul moray,
Kaahay ko biyaahi bides……..

Bhayiyon ko diye babul mehlay do-mehlay,
Hum ko diya pardes, ray, lakhi babul……
Hum to hain babul teray khoontay ki gayyan,
Jid haankay hank jaayen, ray, lakhi babul……
Hum to hain babul teray belay ki kaliyan,
Ghar ghar maangi jaayen, ray lakhi babul……
Hum to hain babul teray pinjray ki chidiyan,
Bhor bhaye ud jaayen, ray, lakhi babul……
Taaqon bhari mainay gudiyan jo chhoReeN
Chhoota sahelin ka saath, ray lakhi babul……
Kothay talay say palakiya jo nikli,
Beeran nay khaayi pachhaR, ray, lakhi babul…..
Dolee ka parda uthakar jo dekha,
Aaya piya ka des, ray, lakhi babul moray.

Kaahay ko biyaahi bides, ray, lakhi baabul moray.
Kaahay ko biyaahi bides……..


Amir Khusro’s Riddles

Riddles are a part of the culture of the Indian subcontinent. Amir Khusro poetry like riddles is famous for their play of words. As well as, intelligent use of the dual meanings.

“Deh na dekhi, naram kahaaye

Buraa lagay aur hansi bhi aaye”

(Invisible, but they call it tender

Feels bad, but it evokes laughter)

Let’s see if you can find the answer to this one.

Amir Khusro “The parrot of India”:

Amir Khusro started writing poetry at an early age and published his first book at the age of 20. Almost none of his contemporaries have the interminable use of original ideas, fluency, the play of words and the everlasting freshness in their works.  He compiled all his poetry himself. All 5 of his diwans are complete with a preface and a detailed introduction.

Amir Khusro quotes and couplets are found written on the buildings, goblets, and paintings.


Unlike the tradition of his time, Amir Khusro used recent events and achievements of the Sultans to write poetry about them. His Masnavi “Nuh Sipiar” or Nine skies that he wrote in the praise of Sultan Ghyas Ud din Tuglaq is a masterpiece.


A 12th-century poet Nizami Gajnavi introduced Khamsa.  Ameer Khusro said and we quote, “I wrote such a  beautiful version of Khamsa that It will rock the Nizami’s grave”


Amir Khusro wrote 5 books of elegant prose. They give a detailed account of the culture and traditions of his time. His books also cover the court details and the praises of the Sultans he Served.

Final words

He has written thousands of couplets about life and times in the Indian subcontinent. His work has reached the height of popularity that Amir Khusro’s poetry, quotes, and riddles have become a part of the spoken language. His famous couplets adorn many buildings of the Mughal era. 

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