Amazon wants access to the world through Satellites

Amazon is planning to provide internet to the world through many satellites and ready to collaborate with companies of the same vision. The plan is to provide internet access to those communities which are neglected and unserved. Amazon will soon launch a constellation of 3,236 satellites into lower Earth orbit. The name of this initiation is “Project Kuiper”.

This project will eventually provide the low latency with connectivity for high speed in the underserved areas all around the world. When talked with the spokesman of Amazon, he elaborated that it is a long term project and aims at providing access to broadband internet to the people who lack facility. Project Kuiper is going to provide this access to tens of millions of people. They further communicated that Amazon is going to join hands with those companies that have the same moto or vision.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper

Amazon is planning to drive long into the broadband internet service provider to become part of the race.  For the initiation of this project named “Project Kuiper”, three sets of fillings were made last month by the Federal Communications Commission with International Telecommunication Union (ITU). These fillings took place by the Kuiper systems LLC on behalf of Washington D.C with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), who is an international organization and in charge of the coordinating of satellites in the orbit.

Constellation of Satellites

If we look into the constellation of satellites of “Project Kuiper” then they will be launched at three different levels. There will be 784 satellite at 367 miles. 1267 satellites will be at a distance of 379 miles and 1156 satellites at a distance of 391 miles. These low orbit satellites will be providing internet access to the areas ranging from 56 degrees North and down to 56 degrees South.

Well, Amazon has not yet revealed that either they are going to build their own satellites or they have any plans to buy them. They have not yet made any clear statement about how they are going to launch these 3000 plus satellites into low orbit.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns a spaceflight company under the name “Blue Origin”. A spokesperson confirms through “GeekWire” that they will definitely look into this option as well. There is no time frame, then when Amazon is going to launch these satellites into orbit as it is a long term project. All this will happen after the approval from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

We are looking forward to this new project that will be started by the company of “Jeff Bezos”. Another important aspect that NASA has highlighted in the past is that 99 out of 100 satellites are the reason for creating orbital debris so once the mission will be over, these constellations of satellites will be de-orbited to avoid this issue. As this is a major concern of NASA not to fill the space around the Earth with unwanted junks in the future.

Read further about NASA’s concerns regarding orbital debris.



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