Alphabet Google Parent Company-World’s Cash Rich Co.

The parent company of Google has been considered as a cash rich company as shown in a report from The Financial Times. The report has shown that Alphabet Inc. has a liquid reserves of amount $117 billion. This amount makes the Alphabet Google parent Company called a cash rich in comparison to the $102 billion net debt of the Apple Company.

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai and Google Co Founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google Co FounderSergey Brin is the 13th richest person in the world with a net worth 54.2 billion USD. Larry Page is currently running Alphabet Company and reports says that it has become a cash rich king.

Alphabet Inc. (Google Parent Company) has become Cash Kings

Although, Alphabet Inc., a Google parent company has won a title of “Cash Kings”, but it may face scrutiny from regulators in this regard. This is not quite a moment of celebration as the display of wealth will put pressure on the company from the shareholders.

This is how scrutiny may be increased from the Google regulators, when they see that Alphabet Company spend more money on buying back the shares and dividends of the company.

The subsidary of Alphabet Google have been facing a fine from European Union EU which hit of $9 billion. Moreover, they are also confronting a strict supervision and scrutiny from the lawmakers of the US.

Apple Co. Reduced Liquidity:

Well, if we look into Apple liquidity, it has changed the leadership to a point that the liquidity has reduced. The reserves of iPhone manufacturing company, which hiked to $163 billion from 2017 onwards, have fallen by $61 billion. In this way Apple has taken advantage of the tax reform of the US and bring back the reserves from overseas to pay the investors.

Irrespective of the fact they Google parent company has made heavy investment in the real estate, the cash reserves of Alphabet Inc. has also shown an increase of $20 billion.

Microsoft, “The Most Valuable Company”: 

Sources communicated that Microsoft is considered as “the most valuable company”. Apart from holding a title of “Cash Kings” due to higher cash reserves, it is difficult for Alphabet Inc. to catch the tag of being the most valuable company. Amazon and Microsoft have overtaken Apple, as the market cap of iPhone manufacturing company slipped after hike in August last year.

Microsoft has the crown of being the valuable company and its market cap is above 1trillion dollars, which is a huge amount among business class.

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