Ali Gul Developed Eye Smart Helmet For Mining Risks

Mining in Pakistan is filled with risks as people face health hazards, followed by an explosion, toxic fumes, chemical spill and other dangers. These threats can be minimized through certain safety measures. In an attempt to minimize these mining risks. Ali Gul, a Baloch from a Computer Engineering graduate of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) developed an “eye smart helmet”.

The death toll through these coal mining incidents are higher than the incidents of terrorism. According to the reports, last year 172 lost their lives and 300 were injured as a result of these incidents.

Ali Gul belongs to a small town, Sanjawi Tehsil, who has been closely associated with the mining industry and he has a keen interest in the technology. His helmet can save the lives of thousand workers in mines.

The eye smart helmet is specifically used to monitor the mine conditions like explosion risks, toxic gases, and other needs of workers.

Ali Gul tweeted that this new technology is the need of the hour and it should be immediately installed in the operating mines immediately. Ali has created this device with the help of two other individuals, Muhammad Azeem and Muhammad Jawad. Muhammad Azeem is an entrepreneurship and business operations expert. While, Muhammad Jawad is a chartered accountant and specialized in operations, investments, corporate affairs and finance modeling.

These three developers of device named “eye smart helmet” meet Research and Development Mentor and Supervisor named Dr Waheed Noor. In this way a company was formed in Balochistan to minimize the risk of mining.

Eye Smart Helmet

The company focuses on providing an end to end solution to the problems of workers in a user friendly atmosphere. It monitors and analyze the operations with an optimum productivity. This team decided to develop a prototype despite the feasibility, budgetary constraint and scalability difficulties.

In order to assess the presence of detrimental gases inside the mine, prototype employs iBeacon technology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and ZigBee Wireless Technology along with some sensors.

The device “eye smart helmet” has the capacity to monitor the health status and oxygen levels of coal mine workers. This will help them track their location in the mine. Moreover, this new technology has the capability to predict any future incidents like a coal mine collapse. In this way, it is helpful in saving millions of rupees for the coal mine industry.

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