Al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem, Notre dame cathedral, Paris

In the recent events, fires broke out in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

A small fire erupted at a National Courtyard in the Guard’s Booth of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is known as the Al-Marwani Prayer.

The attention captivating is that both of the ancient places, one for the Muslims, and the other for the Christians caught the fire at the same time. But, only some people knew about the Jerusalem’s fire tragedy.

News Agency, Newsweek  reported that a Guard said that a fire broke in the guards’ room which was located outside the Marwani Prayer area beneath the southeast corner where the Rock Hard Dome of the mosque is present. The fire broke out on Monday evening. It was quickly extinguished, but the cause of this eruption was being investigated.

Al-Aqsa Mosque and Notre Dame Cathedral catch fire at the same time.

According to the religious organization, Waqf, fire erupted by some of the youngsters who were playing with fire.

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Footages on various social media platforms showed eruption of fire from the top of Marwani Prayer Room, which is also known as Soloman’s Tables.

The area which was significantly more than 2,000 years old didn’t receive any particular and noticing damages, but did receive some damage in the worshipping area.

On Monday, Paris was struck in the flames when a fire broke out on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral was made by Victor Hugo.

The two massive towers plunged into the smoke of the fire, was easily recognizable by the people seeing the smoke escalated into the open air.

The site is catastrophic to a global heritage, providing that 14 million tourists visited it each year. People were bearing the eye-soaring sight imagining that the greater Notre Dame would just be a history now.

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