Actress Iqra Aziz shares her Feelings about Cyber Bullying

The young and famous actress Iqra Aziz has opened up about how social media affects a person. In her long post on Instagram, the actress has addressed cyberbullying and how social media has given everybody the power to kill with their words. Or to lift someone up.

Social Media has lured everybody to its magical world:

Social media is becoming “the hangout” place for our generation. Everybody is glued to the screen, we are connected to people in far-off countries every second of the day, but disconnecting from the people right next to us. This is like a nightmare for societies, but more on it later. The current issue at hand is how social media’s influence can totally make or break a person.

It is giving everybody a tad bit too much power over others:

Iqra Aziz has been through a lot at the hands of social media. She has been trolled for her choice dressing, for her choice of supporting someone in an argument and for her choice of vacations.  Man, it’s not a free world anymore, people are quick to judge without ever stopping to think for a moment how it might affect the person on the receiving end.

Cyber Bullying can harm a person’s self-esteem, even if you are a celebrity: Actress Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz opened about her negative social media experience, she said “It takes a few words to humiliate someone to the core, few words to fat shame someone, few words to thrust down their throat that they aren’t good enough for the world.” only a few words can spread so much negativity in someone’s life. 

Similarly, only a few words have the power to light up someone’s day, She said, “It take a few words to bring a smile on someone’s face, it would take a few words to save someone’s life, it would take a few words to make someone feel beautiful, it would take a few words to spread all the positivity you have.”


Don’t you all agree with what she said? Let’s all start being nicer guys. And say no to cyberbullying.

Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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