9 Trailers You Should Watch This July 2019 Like Maleficent

After the massive success of Aladdin, Hollywood is offering much more to brighten your days and nights with remakes. Here are some amazing 9 movie trailers from July 2019 that will make you fall in love with summers like the little beastie Maleficent (Mistress of Evil), Freaks, Mulan, Pinocchio, Succession and many more on the list.

9 Trailers are listed below which you should watch this July 2019:

1. Mulan

Hollywood is jamming summers with amazing releases of remakes like Mulan. This movie is more than just an epic and film has many serious faces too. However, unlike animated movies there is no singing, no Mushu.

2. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Disney has come up with the sequel of Maleficent this time. In this movie Maleficent, Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning are odds again. In last film, Maleficent wanted to kill Aurora but this time she is so in love with this child. It is coming out on October 18.

3. Jawline

Jawline is basically a documentary about a teenage boy who wanted to become the social media star and the ups and downs he faced during this struggle is shown in this short movie. It is a version of eighth grade. It will come out on the 23rd of August.

4. A Black Lady Sketch Show

This is basically a comedy show with hilarious guest appearances which aims at exploring different cultures which every time get overlooked on TV. It will be out soon on August 2nd.

5. Succession

HBO has released the part 2 of Succession, which comprises of a story of a Roy Family. You will see this family plotting, fighting and bumbling their way to make to media dominance. It will be released on 11th of August.

6. The Great Hack

The Great Hack is a documentary trailer on Netflix based on the data sharing happening on the web in recent years with high-level and high-drama. It is something fascinating and will come out on July 24.

7. Freaks

Freaks is a low budget movie with little strange looks, but its reviews have been great yet. It is coming out soon.

8. Pinocchio

It is not made by Disney but it is definitely worth the watch. You can look out for yourself.

9. Another Life

Another Life is a science fiction movie, which will soon come out on Netflix on July 25th.



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