7 New Trailers To Watch This Week-Like Knives Out & Jumanji

Getting bored at home?? Here are some amazing trailers to make your summer times enjoyable with lots of fun. Best new trailers this week are Knives out, Jumanji-Next Level and Spies in Disguise and many more.

7 New Trailers To Watch This Week

1. Knives Out

The director Rian Johnson after making Last Jedi, a biggest and highest stake movie, Knives Out is a small scale movie. In this movie a group get locked in the room, when a detective planned to investigate the murder. It will be out soon on November 27th.

2. Jumanji: Next Level

JUMANJI sequel is here after the last successful reboot which came out after The Last Jedi. Sony is doing it again in December against the highest rated final Star Wars. Enjoy best new trailer with Rock’s Danny DeVito impressions.

3. Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Wu-Tang Clan is a drama based on the history where black families struggle is shown from 1990s in the New York City. Its trailer has revealed a fascinating way to elaborate the story of black people. It will be starting from September 4th.

4. The Righteous Gemstones

“The Righteous Gemstones” is a comedy show coming out on the 18th of August. It is based on a confused, clumsy and corrupt family of televangelists. An HBO show in which the best comedian Danny McBride plays its role and just imagine how amusing this movie will be. So watch its new trailer this week to know more about this comedy film.

5. Spies in Disguise

Spies in Disguise is a super exciting animated movie with the voice of Will Smith, whose body transformed into and stuck into the pigeon. You can watch it for yourself as it is played well by Will Smith. It is coming out soon on Christmas.

6. The Terror-Infamy

The Terror is a horror series, which is coming with its second season. The new trailer shows that the episode focuses on the World War II, internment of Japanese Americans in the United States. The terror has shown through physical violence to bring another story from the old times. You can watch its new trailer, if you are a horror movie lover. It will come out on the 12th of August.


Another amazing trailer to spend your long summer days killing boredom. Watch it for yourself to know more about this monster. It is a comedy movie coming out on 16th of July 2019.



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