Pakistani Food Culture & Pakistani Street Food – 6 Best Dishes

The country of Pakistan is full of hearty people, who love to eat, and the desi diet is an obsession. People don’t care whether the dish has some extra carbohydrates or floating in oil. A large number of restaurants are offering exquisite cuisines. However, we are still obsessed with our Pakistani food culture. We have found 6 famous dishes and cuisines that are loved by each and almost every Pakistani.

6 Famous Dishes of Pakistani Food Culture



It takes 6-8 hours and a lot of effort to make tarkay wali Nihari.  People love nihari with khameeri roti, and nihari with maghaz (fried brain) also makes a perfect combination. Whereas, nalli nihari garnish with some nicely sliced coriander leaves, fresh lemon a, and ginger is a firm favorite.




Paye with freshly made naan is our all-time favorite breakfast. It is one of the most famous meals for brunch. The perfect combination of spices is love because once you eat; you will want to eat it regularly. Payee is also known as trotters (or hoof) of a cow, goat, buffalo or sheep.


Halwa Puri

halwa puri
This is a national Sunday breakfast across the country. Puri, halwa, along with masala chana is no less than perfection. Puri is made of gram flour, deep-fried in oil, while halwa is made from Suji. Being a Pakistani food culture lover, you’ll always prefer halwa puri for breakfast. In fact, for most of us, Sunday isn’t complete without having halwa puri breakfast. You can also include aloo bhujya with halwa puri for rich and mouthwatering taste.


Biryani Pakistani culture food

pakistani culture food
The love for biryani is originated from Persia and is never-ending. It is the most popular food in Pakistani food culture. Our weddings are incomplete without serving this dish. IT SHOULD BE PERFECT. We can compromise over anything, but when it comes to Biryani, there is no single restaurant here in Pakistan from where you cannot get it. Every region has its kind of chicken biryani, beef biryani, mutton biryani, Bombay biryani, Sindhi biryani, – you name it, and it will be presented to you!



pakistani culture food
Are e you fond of barbecues? In Pakistan, there is not a single occasion complete without serving barbecue. This dish is not so easy to prepare and is mostly prepared by an experienced cook.



pakistani culture food
Light and mildly spiced Haleem is a combination of chicken and pulses.  It’s a dish that takes almost six to eight hours to get prepared; it needs to be cooked by experienced people. Haleem is a top desi dish of Pakistani food culture and serves a great lunch option.

Pakistanis are food lovers, and the above popular Pakistani food culture cuisine list is not exhaustive. Naan or chapatis accompanies every meal. You can explore a lot of traditional dishes in different regions of Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the traditional food of Pakistan?

There are many Pakistani food dishes that represent Pakistani culture food. Some of the famous ones are Haleem, Nihari, Paye, Kebabs, Biryani, Halwa Puri, Saji, and Dumpakht.

What is the culture of Pakistan?

Pakistani culture is intertwined with the cultures of many other cultures of the sub-continent. 

Why Pakistani food is the best?

Pakistani food tastes so delicious and has many varieties. Many spices enrich the Pakistani food and cause it to be the best out of the many others. It has a variety of spices, vegetables, rice, and other ingredients.

How healthy is Pakistani food?

Pakistani food includes a variety of ingredients. These ingredients become a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, the use of green vegetables in a salad, make it all healthier. Chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach, and other ingredients increase the health factor of Pakistani food.

Can you eat pork in Pakistan?

Pakistan is the Islamic Republic, therefore, in Pakistan, the consumption and import of pork are considered as illegal. Because pork is forbidden in Islam; that is why it is illegal in Pakistan as well.

Is Pakistani food spicy?

Pakistani food includes a variety of dishes, and most of them are full of spices. However, some non-spicy or less spicy dishes are also available, or you can ask the cook to keep the spices to a minimum.

Is biryani Pakistani or Indian?

Biryani is a very famous dish of Pakistani culture food. It is said to be originated from Muslims of Sub-continent. Now, it is popular in the whole South Asian region; both Pakistan and India have it as a part of their cuisine.

Are Pakistani and Indian food the same?

Once upon a time ago, India and Pakistan were a part of the sub-continent. Therefore, their cultures are quite similar to each other. Also, there are many similarities in the food too. However, there are many dishes, which are also different and specialties of Pakistan or India. 

What is a typical Pakistani breakfast?

A typical Pakistani breakfast has many varieties. It usually consists of eggs (boiled, omelet, fried), bread or roti, paratha, with tea. Some may also like it a bit heavier and include lassi, paye, or nihari with paratha. Also, butter or jam with bread is common.

Where is the famous food street located in Pakistan?

Although many cities have quite famous food streets in Pakistan, Lahore has the most famous traditional food street.


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