5G Technology is Coming to Pakistan Soon

5G is coming to Pakistan in 2019 as it was previously hinted by Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication. According to him, the launch of 5G technology in Pakistan is definitely going to boost the economy and attract foreign investments.

In this modern era of technology, every country is trying to gain the trillion-dollar market share of Information Technology (IT). There has been a spending of millions and billions dollars in the technology and 5G around the globe by advanced countries. Thus, it is definitely going to help you download extensive data files in minutes or seconds.

According to the sources, in Pakistan 5G will be introduced through the Chinese company. However, this launch will be expensive in comparison to 4G and Government of Pakistan has to make efforts for its complete launch. 5G evolution will give a way to provide attractive data rates along with the fastest ever speed.

Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) revealed that there is an increase usage of mobile data traffic and this rapid growth leads to the customers to demand more improved version of mobile broadband experience like 5G.

Javed Afridi recently tweeted about this new launch in Pakistan.

Asif Aziz, Chief Commercial Officer of Jazz is hopeful about the advent of 5G in Pakistan that will lead to faster technologies. 5G will soon be launched in Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. China will soon follow it by 2020 and this launch is just 12 months away.

He said that Pakistan will soon be in a great position to capitalize on this technology and learn from these launches. Moreover, 5G is providing a great opportunity due to its hyper connectivity to the individuals and professionals in the industry.

Aziz further said that this technology is going to offer great bandwidth that allows more things to be connected.

5G is definitely a positive sign for Pakistan and it is going to open a new arena for other smart devices. This is a new way to open an investment and career opportunities in upcoming years.

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