5 Signs You Are Addicted To Facebook: Facebook Obsession

If your friends and family complaint that you are addicted to Facebook, as they see clear signs of your Facebook obsession. The question is why are people addicted to Facebook? Let me tell you if you are a Facebook addict or not.

Signs that you are addicted to Facebook

1. Excessive Time on Facebook:

If you spend excessive time on Facebook then you may be a Facebook addict. Well, the amount of time that make you an addict is two or three hours daily, a red flag that you have a Facebook obsession. People close to you may know better when they see your nose buried in this social networking app.

2. Profile Dressing:

If you prefer to change your profile picture thrice every week irrespective of other important office work or work at home then BAMM!! You are addicted to Facebook. It’s all about priorities. If you have to submit work to your boss or you are around your family and friends and still you prefer to post pictures and change your display picture to get more likes, you have Facebook obsession.

3. Status Update Anxiety:

If you cannot resist uploading status on Facebook twice or thrice time a day and feel anxious when your internet connection is broken and you just cannot fulfill your addiction. Well, a lot of people do not upload status on Facebook daily and it doesn’t even matter!!

4. Friend List Obsession:

If you have over 500 friends in your Facebook friend list and you still feel anxious to grow your social circle, you are probably addicted to Facebook. Facebook obsession is proved from the fact that you barely know more than half of friends in your list and you still don’t want to delete them.

5. Bringing Phone in the Bathroom:

If you take your phone in the bathroom and you cannot miss any updates from Facebook then let me give you a tag of “Facebook Addict”. In fact, some people keep on posting statuses even from the washroom and always wanted to be the first one to receive updates. Well, you need to do something to get rid of this weird habit.

Why are people addicted to Facebook?

You get bored from your routine and this boredom triggers the internal obsession to check updates from your friends and family. Boredom and curiosity to know what’s in the notification makes you an addict.



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