3G/4G Users Pakistan Are 68 Million :8452 PTA Complaints

According to the reports by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistani 3G/4G users have reached 68 million, with 8452 PTA Complaints registered in 2019. In Pakistan, the number of mobile phone users was 161.183 million by May 2019, which increased by 0.173 million from 161.01 million by April 2019.

3G/4G Users Pakistan

The Jazz 3G users have decreased from 13.393 million in April to 13.192 million in May. A decrease of 0.201 million is reported. However, the 4G users of Jazz Pakistan have increased from 9.618 million to 10.337 million in May.

Zong 3G users in Pakistan have also reduced to 8.678 million by May from 8.779 million as reported in April. At the same time, the 4G Zong users have shown an increase of 12.302 million in May from the previously recorded 12.056 million in April.

Telenor shows a decrease in 3G users from 8.64 million in April to 8.374 million by the end of May. As a result, a decline of 0.266 million has been recorded. However, there was an increase in 4G users of the Telenor network of 6.301 million by May from 6.186 million in April.

Like others, Ufone 3G users have also shown a decline from 7.646 million by April to 7.187 million at the end of May. This shows a reduction of 0.459 million. However, 4G Ufone users have increased to 1.694 million from 1.156 million.

Teledensity for cellular mobile increased to 76.76% from 76.67%. In contrast, the broadband subscribers also reached 70.164 million in May compared to 69.577 million in April.

8452 PTA Complaints Registered

According to the report, PTA has received around 8452 complaints from cellular users against different telecom operators. The telecom operators include cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators, and ISPs. Complaints were registered by the end of May 2019.

As per the complaint chart, Jazz (Mobilink and Warid) held most of the queries and stood at the top with 2525 complaints. Telenor is second for being the most complained telecom operator with 1862 complaints.

PTA claims that they have resolved more than 97% of the complaints, which constitutes 6959 complaints.

Cellular Mobile Subscribers’ CMOS complaints are 7161. Jazz comprises 35% of total CMO-related complaints. Telenor is second with 26% of complaints, Zong is third with 21.92%, and Ufone with 16.8% of complaints related to CMO.

PTA complaint number

Besides that, complaints may likewise be registered through fixed-line number 051-9207059 and fax number 051-2878139. The center of a toll-free number, i.e., 0800-55055, can also be used. The complaints will likely be investigated, and consequences will probably be shared to take remedial steps.

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