11 Best Free Online Solitaire Games to Play Online

Are you looking for the best free solitaire games? The game has a long and textured history, dating back to the 1800s. It was initially designed as a teaching tool to help students learn how to play card games. But in the early 1990s, Solitaire hit its stride when Microsoft released a version of the game for Windows.

For many people, Solitaire was their first card game to computer gaming. And while there are now many different types of top card available, the classic version still needs to be noticed by many fans. But don’t worry – you can still find the best free online games here!

Finding the best free online Solitaire is easy whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro. From classic Klondike solitaire and Pyramid to modern variations like Spider and Free cell, there’s something for everyone. With so many choices, you’ll find the perfect game that suits your style.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore thousands of different card layouts and strategy challenges. It’s time to play some of the best free online games!


Solitr is one of the most popular online Solitaire for a good reason – it offers a great mix of features and gameplay options to please both beginners and veterans alike.

In addition to the classic Solitaire, you can play variants like Spider Solitaire and Tri-Peaks. If you feel competitive, you can track your game scores and compare them with your friends.

best free solitaire
Snap was taken from Solitr website

Solitr also offers a wealth of customization options, allowing you to control how many remaining cards are turned at once, how quickly new cards are dealt with, and more. Rules cards can be built on the foundations, but they must be stacked from ace to king of the same suit. The cards in the tableau must be the first pile in descending color from the highest (king) to the lowest (authority).

This level of control is excellent for players who want to tweak the game to their preferences. The interface is also clean and easy to use, making it a perfect choice for players who want a simple yet engaging experience.

Whether you’re a Solitaire veteran or a total newcomer, Solitr provides an enjoyable gaming experience that will keep you playing for hours.

Its varied selection of classic and variant versions of the game also offers mahjong and Sudoku games, plus plenty of customization options. Solitr is one of the best free online Solitaire available.

Visit Solitr Website


World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire is one of the best online Solitaire experiences you can find. Not only does the site offer a wide variety of variants to play, but it also provides gamers with a wealth of customization options that let you change the look and feel of the game to match your preferences.

best free solitaire online
Snap Taken from World of Soli website

You can also save your progress and stats on the site, making it an excellent place for Solitaire enthusiasts to come and play.

The site also keeps track of your gameplay statistics and performance, so you can see how you’re doing and compare your scores with other players. This can be a great way to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, World of Solitaire is sure to have a game that’s perfect for you!

Visit World of Solitaire Website


Solitaire FRVR

Solitaire FRVR is a great game for gamers looking for a clean and simple online Solitaire experience.

what is the best free solitaire game online
Snap taken from FRVR website

This game offers a variety of customization options that allow players to improve their gaming performance. For example, players can choose to play with a green deck table or a classic black deck table. They can also choose to play with simple or detailed card designs.

Solitaire FRVR offers an optimized game engine that ensures smooth gameplay on all devices.

Visit Solitaire FRVR Website 


Cardgames.io Solitaire

The Cardgames.io Solitaire is one of the better ones we have come across. The site offers numerous games, including classic and spider variants.

Different themed styles are also available, with adjustable speeds and gameplay settings. It’s the perfect place to hone your Solitaire skills or kill time while waiting in line.

best free online solitaire card games
sanp taken from Cardgames.io website

It offers gamers a wide variety of gameplay options, as well as adjustable speeds and themes to keep the game interesting.

One thing that I like about this game is that you can see your opponent’s moves. This helps to keep you engaged and lays a foundation for a more challenging experience.

If you’re looking for more challenges, try playing at higher difficulty levels. The game offers three different levels: easy, medium, and challenging. The more complex the level, the more challenging it is to win! There are also options to customize your gaming experience with different themes and backgrounds.

Visit Cardgames.io. Solitaire Website



Solitaired is an excellent online Solitaire for gamers looking for various options regarding the classic game. The game offers 546 variants of Solitaire, all with different gameplay styles and challenges. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a game for you.

You’ll be able to play Solitaired in much the same way regardless of what game variant you choose. There are timers and counters at the top. Your card deck is nicely organized below for quick reference during gameplay or pause when needed!

what is the best online solitaire game
image taken from website

Fungible cards mean that if one player leaves early on without saving their progress, then no problem–they can resume right where they left off.

Your account will allow you to resume your game at any point and give you an overview of your past gameplay performance. So whether you’re looking to kill some time while waiting in line or want to challenge yourself with some new game, Solitaired has you covered!

Visit Solitaired Website


247 Solitaire

247 Solitaire is an excellent game for gamers looking for a straightforward online solitaire gaming experience.

The game offers easy-to-use controls and a variety of gameplay modes to choose from, making it perfect for gamers of all skill levels.

best free solitaire game
snap taken from 24.7 website

Additionally, the game’s green deck and white cards provide a sleek and visually appealing look that will keep you entertained while you play.

So, if you’re looking to play solitaire that is easy to learn, you should give 247 Solitaire a try!

Visit 247 Solitaire Website


Google Solitaire

Google Solitaire offers gamers an easy or hard mode, depending on whether you fancy a casual experience or more of a challenge. In addition to effects and a gameplay timer, the game also keeps track of your scores and moved.

browser solitaire
snap taken from Google Solitaire

Google Solitaire is a good option if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills Solitaire to play online. There isn’t much in the way of customization, but the game is easy to pick up and play.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s no doubt that Google Solitaire is one of the best free online Solitaire around. So give it a try today! You won’t be disappointed!

Play Google Solitaire


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Flipflop Solitaire

Suppose you’re looking for a game with a unique twist on the traditional rules. In that case, Flipflop is worth checking out.

This game requires more strategy than most other solitaire variants, so it’s perfect for gamers looking for a bit of a challenge.

best online solitaire
snap taken from Flipflop Solitaire app

Additionally, the app can be played offline, though some advertisements require an internet connection. Give Flipflop Solitaire a try and see if your solitaire strategy skills are up to the test!

Download from Google Play Store

Download from iOS Store


BVS Solitaire Collection

The BVS Solitaire Collection is perfect for serious players. This pack includes over 500 different games, each with unique rulesets you may develop.

This means you can tailor the game to your liking, making it perfect for your playing style. You may sample the game’s desktop version for free for 30 days before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

best free online games solitaire
snap taken from the BVS Solitaire Collection app

The game’s desktop version costs $19.99, while the iOS version is $5.99. With this in mind, the BVS Solitaire Collection is worth checking out if you’re looking for an excellent experience.

Download from iOS Store

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is an online game that lets you play the classic card game on your mobile device.

The game has adjustable speed so you can play solitaire at your own pace. You can also choose from top card games, including Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider Solitaire.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
snap taken from the Microsoft Collection app

The game is free to play, and no in-app purchases are required. Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the perfect online game for a solitaire fan.

Download for iOS

Download from the Google play store

Download for Windows


Solitaire – Classic Card Games

Solitaire: Classic Card Games by MobilityWare is an excellent app for anyone who loves games. The app has a variety of different game modes, as well as various customization options for your game.

You can choose from a variety of different backgrounds and card designs, as well as additional game rules. If you get stuck, the app provides hints, and you can unlimited undo your previous move. This app is perfect for anyone who wants a customizable solitaire experience.

Classic Card
image is taken from Solitaire Classic Card app

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, Solitaire – Classic Games by MobilityWare allows you to play with Vegas Cumulative rules.

This mode adds an extra level of strategy and excitement as points are accumulated throughout the game. You can even challenge your friends with this game mode, making it perfect for anyone who loves card.

Solitaire: Classic Games by MobilityWare is sure to scratch your card game itch whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. With its customizable interface, different game modes, and challenge of Vegas Cumulative rules, this app has something for everyone who loves solitaire.

Download From the Google Play Store

Download for iOS


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a game of solitaire out there that’s perfect for you. Have you tried any of the games we’ve mentioned in this post? If so, which one was your favorite game? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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